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The Friendship Village


“Pay attention to Michelle Mason’s moving anti-war documentary…”
Wendy Banks, Now, Toronto

"**** Mason's use of powerful stock footage of the war is nicely combined with interviews with Friendship Village's founder, George Mizo, whose hawk-to-dove transformation is truly inspiring."
Ingrid Randoja, The Eye, Toronto

“The energy and clarity of Michelle Mason’s vision in The FriendshipVillage pours off the screen. This film has the potential to be a transformational experience for anyone remotely willing to open their heart and mind to this tragic, yet inspiring story.”
Mark Achbar, Manufacturing Consent and THE CORPORATION

"Veterans from three different wars were transfixed and inspired by The Friendship Village story of tragic wounds and transformative healing. If every American could see and learn from this film, perhaps we could stop creating more veterans and victims of war."
Kenneth E. Mayers Major USMCR (Ret'd) Veterans for Peace, Santa Fe Chapter

"A very moving, rare documentary...[The Friendship Village] is a real gem of a veterans story that should be widely circulated among veterans and learned by other American people. I recommend it highly."
John H. Kim, President, Veterans for Peace, NYC Chapter

"Michelle Mason does a wonderful job of telling this terribly tragic story in a touching and inspirational way. She employs archival footage, interviews with veterans, and modern footage from Friendship Village to great effect...highly recommended to those interested in modern Southeast Asian history, in peace and war issues, in the effects of Agent Orange, and in the art of documentary film making, and to those libraries who serve them."
Paul Moeller, Educational Media Reviews Online

"The film is an extraordinary one. The story which is told, and the way in which it is presented, has the capacity to reach out to many people, on many levels, for many reasons. I have now seen the piece about ten times, and each time brings new insights and fresh tears. Especially now, at this horrific moment in my country's experience, we need George's insights, his heart, and his work to be seen and heard in every school, religious site, and governmental office in the land."
Dr. John Hochheimer, Cornell University

"A powerful film that reveals a legacy of the Vietnam War that few Americans are aware of...Seeing this film will help people recognize that this war is not over and that the US needs to play a role in resolving the question of what has caused the many birth defects among the chidren of Vietnam."
Stephen Lester, Science Director, Center for Health, Environment and Justice

"Few viewers will be unmoved by this story...The program methodically reviews our country's increasing involvement in Vietnam's struggles for independence, and unemotionally illustrates the military might--including the use of Agent Orange...An excellent video on an important topic..."
Dwain Thomas, School Library Journal

"Profiling a remarkable place and man...the film's message is ultimately one of tempered hope as it illustrates how international cooperation can help heal old wounds...while also tackling new ones...Smartly written and shot, this inspirational documentary is recommended."
Video Librarian


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